Monday, March 25, 2013


I don't read blogs much.  Weird, I know, considering I write one.

The first time I sat down at my computer and got lost in "blogger-land", reading blogs of people I knew, I was left feeling yucky.  Yep, yucky is the best word for it.
I felt the foul tinge of envy from the lives portrayed by these bloggers.  I know that is a result of my own insecurities coming up to the surface but it's also the nature of the blogging world.  It tends to not be very 'real'.   One blog I do check fairly regularly because I feel uplifted when I read it, is Stephanie Nielson’s blog.

Her and her husband were in an airplane crash, in which over 80% of her body was badly burned.  They survived but her body is so scarred and she now stands as an example to the world of the beauty of the soul.  I say this because the incredible woman she is, shines through her scarred skin.  Her example has made me want to be a better person.  Her example has made me want to be a better mother.  Her example has reminded me that I am not my body, in a very poignant way.  I have cried for her and I have been in awe of her.

You should check out this youtube video about Stephanie called, My New Life.

She went from looking like this

To this

In the beginning of the video, Stephanie says, "I am not my body."
Those words struck me back a few years ago when I first watched the video.  They have come back to my mind this week.
Those words speak to me.

This blog is a lot about fitness, about the body.  I love trying to take care of my body.  I love learning about nutrition.  I like trying to look good but even more, I love feeling good.  I love feeling strong, healthy and capable.  Fitness and nutrition help me with that. Ultimately, I feel deep inside that this body I have is a gift.  It is a gift to carry me through this mortal life.  It is the place my soul resides while I am on earth.  My soul is who I really am.  My soul existed before I came to earth.  My soul will continue to exist after death.  My soul is eternal.  This body is not.  At times, I feel frustrated with my body but that's ok. I know it's normal for our soul to struggle somewhat trying to carry out a life in an imperfect shell.  I do believe that one day we will all be resurrected and receive an eternal, perfect body.  But for now,  I try to care for my body so that my soul can live more fully.  That is what those words, "I am not my body" mean to me.

"Begin to develop authentic power, which is not located in the physical body...You will know that you are not that body, and that the real measure of your humanity is in your soul housed in that body.  Your sense of self will shift from being totally identified with your body, to being identified with your invisible self."  
                                                                               - Dr Wayne W. Dyer from "Real Magic"


  1. Thanks for the reminder. I needed that today.

  2. I love her blog too. Great message!

  3. Wow, I just read this post again and realized how great this message is. I would like to identify more with my soul, than with my body and have that "real power" that Wayne Dyer speaks of. I will be thinking of how I can do this. I guess just focusing more on the "real me", not just this shell that houses me, is a start. Thanks Kim!