Friday, January 27, 2012

Speaking tonight

So tonight I am speaking at a church women's conference about my Ironman experience.  I have titled it, "Lessons Learned in Ironman".  I put together a power point slide, so that I can share lots of pictures because I think that makes a presentation so much more interesting, don't you??

I have really enjoyed reflecting on this experience as I prepare.  Yesterday as I sat at the kitchen table, typing out some things, I got really teary because as I describe the experience I can just remember how it felt to be in those moments.  Those moments of training and racing are so special to me and always will be I think.  I can remember running up a hill in fish creek park, the sun had already set so it was dark and peaceful and maybe a little creepy and I was listening to Andre Agassi's autobiography on my ipod.  I can remember cycling west on 22x and going over the bridge at Macleod Trail where the pavement is awful and one of my water bottles fell out, so I darted quickly in between cars to grab it before it and I got run over.  I can remember swimming in Midnapore Lake one day when it was really windy and felt like it was about to rain.  There was a strong current and I was able to time my breathing with the waves, which felt amazing because I felt like me and the water were a team.  I will never forget that experience of training for and racing in Ironman Cozumel and I'm looking forward to sharing it with other women tonight.

PS I started training this week for Kona and I'm LOVING IT!!!


  1. You did such a great job. I really enjoyed it and have been rethinking how I can make my goals even more achieveable. What about the training do u love?

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  3. I'd love to hear what you decide about goals! Keep me in the loop. Thanks for the compliment.
    Well, I love feeling like an athlete. I love the sport, so it's fun to get back to preparing for an event again. I love seeing my fitness improve and having a clear plan of how to accomplish that. I love a lot of things about it I guess....