Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's your story???

This topic and the stories shared have received an incredible response and so I'd like to offer an invitation. 
I'd like to invite ANYONE interested to make a post on my blog about beauty/body image. My hope is that as we share our stories and experiences on this topic, we can learn from each other and reinforce the real truths about what makes us as women beautiful. 
I'm not looking for people who have it all figured out (let's be honest, none of us do) but for honest feelings and experiences on how you may have struggled and what you might be realizing and learning along the way. Let me know if you are at all interested. The more stories the better!

Want to read a great blog post about how wrecking the female body shouldn’t be cool anymore?  Go here.  I promise you that it’s worth a read!!!!  I just love the womanifesto at the end and want to adopt it for my own:

A Womanifesto

I solemnly swear to protect what is sacred through thought, word, and deed.  I have been blessed with a miraculous female body.  I was fortunate enough to be given that which was created last, whether God saved the best for last or not, I still believe that what I have is a most sacred gift.  

I will think only positive thoughts concerning my body.

I will say only positive words regarding my body.

I will do only things that build, strengthen, and reinforce just how precious my body is.

It is no longer cool to wreck the female body.  And I will no longer support that cause.

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