Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Almost time to crash...

I've loved blogging about beauty lately but with my race coming up soon, I need to give an update on my training.

Six weeks out from a race is CRASH WEEK (at least according to the training approach of our former coach).  We are self coaching for our races this year but using the same training style.  This style includes a pattern of 2 weeks on, 1 week recovery and a lot of time spent in the aerobic heart rate zone to build up a nice aerobic base.  The only thing we've changed is that we are doing more hill work (because the Hawaii race has hills).

Hawaii 70.3 is on June 2nd, so next week is crash week.  I'm HOPING that the weather will be nice because I still haven't been on my bike outside.  The weather has just been teasing us, flirting with the 11 degree minimum that we need to be able to ride without freezing any appendages.

Last Monday I ran 19.5 km.  The first half of my run I spent down in beautiful fish creek park running hills and the second half I spent with two great friends going for a run around Mckenzie Towne.  I have run that far in training already but it sure feels different when there's hills involved.  My legs have been achy and tender since then.

That being said, I am amazed and grateful for the fitness level that I have achieved.  A year ago a long run for me was 10km.  Now that's a short training run.  Yesterday I biked for 1.5 hours. Today I ran for an hour and then swam 2km.  Tomorrow I will bike for 2.5 hours (have to fit in my long ride before the church women's retreat I'm going on this weekend).  It's been amazing to see what my body is capable of doing.  The thing is, I'm not so different from most people and my experience proves that incredible fitness gains can be made in a relatively short period of time.  Not everyone wants to do an ironman but everyone has dreams.  I say, go for it!  You'll be surprised at what you are capable of doing!

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