Sunday, April 15, 2012

Craving Creativity

I've been craving creativity lately.

So the result of these cravings is a painting and a poem.

I completed this painting last week.  I had seen similar paintings at the Ironman Cozumel Expo.  Adam suggested I just paint one up for us, rather than paying a bunch of money and trying to protect it on the airplane ride home.  Plus, I love having my own artwork up on our walls.
The idea for the poem came as I was doing my long run last weekend (19 km). I realized that my love of running started long ago (back in the university days) and I have only come to love it more recently.


In the stillness of the morning air, I run. 
My thoughts blur in the rhythm of the music and I feel invisible, free. 
As if I’ve somehow been carried to a different sphere where the runner’s reside.
We nod to one another as we pass, strangers but not.

I grow lighter as life’s weights scatter on the ground behind.
The runner’s spell heals my mind.
Between songs I hear my feet on the pavement and I remember…

A younger girl, so fresh and bright
Eager to learn, to live, to love.
Her future before her, calling with hopeful expectation.
Life’s confusing ebbs and flows, forcing growth.
“Just run” was the call and a runner was born.

The years have passed and I’m a runner still.
Like a loyal friend, we’ve passed the years together.
Even now, we’ve grown closer.  
Less pain with newfound ease, as if I’ve learned to fly.

The air turns warmer as minutes pass by.
I take in a full breath, filling my lungs with a small piece of eternity.
The rhythm of the pavement comforts me.
The effort reminds me I am strong.
I run.


  1. I really love both of your creative efforts but I especially love the poem. It's vivid and sweet and refreshing. Sort of makes me want to run.

  2. Loved the poem. Relate exept you missed the flactuation and nose blowing which is also part of the enjoyment. A release in so many ways.

  3. The talents just keep bursting out of you Kim. Very cool!

  4. Silvana, thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it, considering you are such a talented writer yourself.
    Dad, I assume you are the "anonymous" commenter. You are kind of gross but I love you for it.
    Liz, thanks a lot! I think we all have so many talents and it's been such a pleasure to explore some of mine.