Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This Half Ironman in Hawaii is kind of a big deal to us.

It's on the BIG Island in Hawaii.  I've never been to Hawaii and neither has Adam, so it's our first trip to the famously beautiful islands.

It's the first BIG trip that me and Adam have done by ourselves.  We've had some wonderfully fun trips to California, Mexico and Florida with family and loved each of those trips.  It's so fun to have family to share a trip with.  It's also special to have a trip that's just the two of us and I'm really looking forward to 11 days with my best friend.

It may be half of what we did last November but it's still a BIG race.  We've trained for over 4 months for this race and are both excited to see what our bodies can do at this distance with the fitness level we've both achieved.

Apparently there's a BIG active volcano, some BIG bugs, some BIG cans of spam and some BIG turtles, which also add to the grandeur of this event :)

Only 3.5 weeks to go and I'll be racing...


  1. How exciting! That spam isn't in your race kit, is it? That's probably one of the grossest gifts ever!!

  2. No, I'm guessing spam would not help me avoid the GI issues I had in Cozumel :)