Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I wanted to post a little about our holidays.  Adam had 2.5 weeks off work, so we had lots of family time this year.  I was about 7 months pregnant but still feeling good, so we were able to get outside and do some fun things together.  Cross country skiing, sledding skating, building snow forts etc.
I do sometimes make the mistake of thinking that I can do anything with this body.  Two on two basketball with Adam, my dad and my brother reminded me that it's easier to strain these stretched out abdominal muscles.  An Insanity video reminded me that jumping around isn't the best thing for me at this stage.  No serious injuries from either, just a bit more sore than I'd like to be at this stage.  We pushed back our day to go skiing, so that I could make sure I was recovered from the basketball.

After a two hour wait in line, the kids got to see Santa 

The other big excitement for our family was that Dallin and Marie got married!  My little brother is all grown up.

I know I've blogged before about pregnancy dreams.  Well, a few nights ago I woke up and I had lifted the lamp shade off the lamp on the nightstand.  While holding it and wondering what to do, I called out, "Adam".  Then I realized, I probably didn't need his help with this, set the shade down and went back to sleep.  So. Very.  Strange.

I've also been preparing items for my home birth.  Yep, I'm gonna try to deliver at home.  Just to make other people uncomfortable.  I like what one comedian said when he told others that his wife was delivering at home.  They would respond, "oh, we thought about doing that, but we wanted our baby to live."  But really, I have great trust in the skills of my midwives and the seton hospital is a five min drive if there's any reason to be there.

I'm enjoying my workouts at the gym and can be seen there about four times a week doing low impact cardio and weights.  Look for the tall pregnant girl in the sweet compression socks.  I think I kind of stand out.  This Friday, Adam and I are going to play squash and go for a swim because he has the day off work and the kids are in school for the morning.  Yes, this could be another case of me thinking this pregnant body can do anything I ask it to...we'll see how it goes.  I am grateful for how much good nutrition and exercise have helped me through this and my other two pregnancies.

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