Monday, August 29, 2011

How do you have time for that?

This is something I often get asked when I tell people that I'm training with
my husband for an Ironman.

Well, to start with, we don't have cable.  This frees up 28.8 hours/week and a quarter
of our waking hours - yes, the statistics for the average Canadian are THAT high.

On top of that, I would say it has required a lot of teamwork, early mornings, runs while Adam is home to watch the kids at lunch, time at the gym, help from extended family and strategies like THIS:

Once a week I make lots of honey and butter (or other non-peanut variety) sandwiches and use these for my kid's breakfast at the gym.  I pop two of these into containers, along with some fruit and VOILA...breakfast.  That way, we can just wake up and head out to the gym.  No rushing, nagging, whining etc...and then I'm done my workout with plenty of time to spend enjoying the rest of the day with my kids.   I know, it's a little weird but it works for me!   

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