Friday, September 23, 2011

My first time falling...

It's been an interesting day of training.  I had a four hour bike scheduled.  Adam worked from home so that I could go in the afternoon.  I biked west on the 22x and it was a beautiful ride (the fall leaves are so gorgeous right now) but I had a couple of incidents. A regular annoyance is when one of my back water bottles falls off.  So, after going over bumps I often scoot back a bit on my seat to feel whether or not the bottles are still in place.  Today one fell out when I was flying down a hill and half the liquid leaked out.  The amount of sports mix used on each ride is a bit of a science because everyone needs a certain amount of calories and electrolytes during endurance exercise to replace what is expended.  I need about 300 calories/hour and so some of my precious calories were lost and wasted on the highway.
My other incident was when I was climbing a hill and only going 12km/hour when I changed gears and my chain came off.  I came to an abrupt stop and wasn't able to unclip my foot in time.  When I fell, I landed across the white line, so I was grateful for the keen driver who swerved wide around me.  I landed on my wrist and knee.  I'm not worried about my knee but my wrist is chronically demented, so I'm going to be icing it a lot the next couple of days.  Adam and I hit the gym together tonight for a 3 km swim and I ended up having to do "fist drill" the whole time to avoid undue pressure on my wrist.  
Adam and I have had some enlightenment this week as well.  I realized that he has been thinking that I haven't really been enjoying my training.  This idea started when I would often cry after my swims in the beginning because I was so far from where I needed to be.  I explained that I, like him, enjoy "the struggle" of working towards a major goal.  I came to realize that he has felt kind of responsible for my ironman experience to be a good one and is really concerned when challenges arise.  I explained that I knew it would be a challenging goal when I chose to take it on and that even though the training has been hard at times, I have not yet approached my "struggle limit".  It was a good talk and I feel like we understand each other so much better now.  Isn't it interesting how easy it is to misunderstand others, even spouses??


  1. oh no!! I hope you didn't injure your wrist too badly! Thank goodness you weren't run over.... I imagine you still finished your bike that day, you crazy iron woman you!

  2. My wrist feels good, so I'm relieved. Of course I finished the bike :) Thanks!

  3. I think it's so interesting how people can have different perspectives of the same thing. I haven't once thought u didn't enjoy the training. If anything, you have a sort of demented "I love the pain and struggle!!" attitude that I've seen. It's actually inspirational. I'm glad you guys had a chance to clear up the miscommunication. I'm also glad you didn't get run over. Who else would practically cripple me in bootcamp?

  4. Yeah and it was interesting even talking to Adam the next day he felt like he had a bit of the 'late night fuzzy brain' because with a clear morning brain he said that he definitely has seen me enjoy a lot of aspects of my training too. He has just felt worried about my struggles because he has wanted it all to be positive.
    Yes, I would definitely be sad if I couldn't cripple you in bootcamp :) I'm so glad my demented attitude is inspirational to you.