Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Produce Feast is Over

I started my produce feast week with this:

And I ended it with this:
We had chocolate cupcakes for Kyla's birthday yesterday.  I can honestly say that the salad tasted better.  Although the cupcake was a close second.  Even though the week is over, I'm hoping to continue eating lots of veggies...intermingled with a few treats here and there of course.  Don't you find that you feel so much better physically and emotionally when you eat lots of healthy foods??  

On a side note, I am loving this beautiful weather.  I have a four hour bike ride and a two hour run this weekend, so I'm thrilled that I can do both outside.  Yesterday I ran 11.6 km in one hour in my heart rate zone and that was with a warm up and cool down.  That was a personal best training run for me.  

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