Friday, September 16, 2011

Some girls love high heels.

I have a bit of a shoe fetish these days.  A running shoe fetish that is.

I do think high heels look great, I just haven't yet decided that I'd like to be taller than the 5'10.5" that I already am.  For now, I'll enjoy my gorgeous collection of racing flats, tri shoes and cushiony running shoes.

Update on the produce feast week:
- My weight is down 2 lbs.
- I actually feel tired the past couple of days but I think that's because my body is fighting a little cold.
- I have felt great during my workouts, even without any sports drinks.  I swam 3km in 63 minutes this morning, which is a record for me.
- I have been eating a LOT of greek yogurt with natural honey to satisfy my sweet tooth.
- For lunch today I had an amazing salad where I used up the last of my garden lettuce and of course lots of tomatoes.  Did you know that leftover cooked quinoa us actually really good on salads?


  1. oooh, I really like the blue ones on the right. How did you manage to get such an excellent pic of your feet?

  2. Yeah, I love those blue ones. They are slip on triathlon shoes....they are awesome because they are so lightweight and are fast at transition because you don't have to lace up. It was a little tricky getting that picture...took a couple of tries :)