Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Traumatically Bonded

I was first introduced to this term when I was 10 years old.  Being the oldest child, I was the first to participate in a tradition where my dad takes each of us on a backpacking trip with him upon turning 10.  The hike out was eventful, considering a huge storm blew in, knocking down trees and drenching us and our belongings.  Despite fears and discomfort, I stuck it out and afterwards recalled very fondly our Arnica Lake hike.  My dad was surprised by this fondness and pronounced that I was indeed, traumatically bonded.

It is much the same with me and the Gold's Gym pool.  The tears, the discomfort, the boredom, the murky water, the swallowing of the murky water, the sharing "lanes" with 5 others when there really aren't any lanes and the countless laps have traumatically bonded us together.  This pool is 20 m long, which means that to swim 4 km I have to do 100 LAPS...that's LAPS, not LENGTHS.  I literally get dizzy doing it. 

Tonight Adam and I enjoyed a swim together and then we really enjoyed some chocolate in the hot tub after.

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